WD Discovery

WD Discovery 3.6

Finds and maps Western Digital devices on a network
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Discover drives of Western Digital products on computers connected to a network by scanning it with the dedicated suite. It includes multiple instruments for identifying and accessing hardware configurations, network drive mapping or share browsing, etc.

WD Discovery is a software program that scans your network in search of Western Digital devices in order to map their drives to help you browse their content quickly and easily. It's a very handful tool that can be installed with ease in less than one minute.

Once you've installed it, you are greeted by a nicely crafted interface, that has well-shaped buttons and well-chosen font size, and a beautiful mixture of white and blue that acts as a background theme. Yet, it's sometimes unstable and laggy, but these are minor inconveniences that occur quite rare.

WD Discovery is able to filter out the Western Digital storage hardware from all the networks that are connected and at the same time letting you configure, browse the network shares, map network drive, or create desktop shortcuts.

It doesn't require advanced HDD detecting skills so it can easily be used by beginners. Still, experienced users can use algorithms to speed up the scanning process and therefore display the results faster.

In conclusion, WD Discovery is a software tool that really helps users in the process of finding Western Digital network storages, not to mention that it's free. Do try it, you'll save precious time!

John Saunders
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  • Maps network drives
  • Lets users browse the networks shares
  • Allows the use of algorithms


  • The buttons are sometimes unresponsive
  • Has lag issues
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